2021 Employees of the Month

February 2021

Wayne Clark, Police Officer III

Awarded Employee of the Month in recognition and appreciation for diligence in the performance of duties, willingness to assist and train fellow officers and continuous work to improve the department.  

Recently, Police Officer Wayne Clark was assigned light duty as a result of an on-duty injury sustained while pursuing a suspect on foot. Officer Clark completed all assigned light-duty tasks in an efficient manner and also utilized his light duty time to seek out grants and reward programs for the department. Officer Clark applied for rewards from the Select Traffic Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.) that will reimburse the department for enforcement of Driving While Intoxicated offenses and seat belt violations. Since returning to active duty, Officer Clark has made on-view felony arrests and multiple on-view narcotic arrests. Officer Clark’s return is noticed by shift coworkers, who have expressed their gratitude for the amount of proactive work Officer Clark produces and his willingness to assist and train his fellow officers. Officer Clark maintains exceptional and quality police work that exemplifies the City’s values. 


Clark, Wayne 3