Building & Standards Commission

Meetings: Meets third Thursday of each month (or as called)

Appointment Terms: 2 years

Number of Members: 5 members + 4 alternates


  • Jerry Henderson (term expires May 2025)
  • Wally Cox (term expires May 2025)
  • Jess Cason (term expires May 2024)
  • Tommy Robinson (term expires May 2024)
  • Lauri Johnson (term expires May 2025)
  • Michael Blake, Alternate (term expires May 2025)
  • Jock Conner, Alternate (term expires May 2025)

The Building and Standards Commission:

  • Establishes minimum standards for the construction, use, maintenance, and occupancy of all structures, regardless of date of construction, within the city limits of the City of Gainesville
  • Establishes minimum standards governing utilities, facilities, and other physical components and conditions essential to make all buildings and structures safe, sanitary, and fit for human habitation
  • Fixes certain responsibilities and duties of owners, operators, agents, and occupants of all buildings
  • Authorizes and establishes procedures for the inspection of all buildings unfit for human use, occupancy, and habitation
  • Establishes procedures for determining whether a building complies with the standards established
  • Includes provisions for notice and a public hearing
  • Provides for assessment, a method of notifying the owner of assessment, and a method of recovering expenses incurred by the City in vacating, securing, removing, repairing, or demolishing a substandard structure

Cases shall be brought before the Commission by the Building Official who may be assisted by the City Attorney.

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