Permit Information

Required Permits

***Please call 940-668-4540 for water and sewer locates. Please contact 811 for gas locates.***

Building Permits

A building permit is required for all new construction, remodeling, renovations, changes and additions to structures. A permit is also required for any accessory buildings, fences or flatwork. A permit is also required if you plan to replace or repair more than 25% of an existing roof. Applications can be submitted to the Community Development Department. For information about permit fees, please refer to the City's Fee Schedule.

New commercial construction projects and major commercial remodels are encouraged to attend Design Review Committee meetings. More information can be found on the DRC page.

View the Residential Permit Submittal Requirements and Residential Permit ApplicationThe residential permit application is utilized for all permits related to residential structures such as new construction, additions, remodels, and accessory structures (such as a fence, storage building, and storm shelter).

View the Commercial Permit Submittal Requirements and Commercial Permit Application.

View the Drainage Design Requirements (PDF).

View the Moss Lake Boat Dock (PDF) (New Construction).

View the Fire Protection Equipment Application (PDF). Fire Protection Equipment submittals require 3 paper copies and 1 digital copy for review. 

Validation Forms

Any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing subcontractors will need to individually submit a validation application. No permit will be issued until all MEP subcontractor validation forms are received. Validating and registering are two separate processes. For more information about registering as a contractor, please visit the contractor information page.

View the Residential Validation Application (PDF).

View the Commercial Validation Application (PDF).

Certificate of Occupancy

Required for all Commercial Businesses

Every business within the City of Gainesville shall have a current Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.). This Certificate of Occupancy shall be posted or displayed at each place of business.

This certificate ensures the public that the business has been inspected and meets the City's requirements for zoning, business use, and that the building meets the health, safety, and welfare requirements of the City.

If your business does not have a current Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.), please apply at the Community Development Department office located at 104 West Hird Street.

A Certificate of Occupancy is required of all commercial establishments and must be applied for prior to occupancy of the space. A new certificate is required in all such instances: a business is relocated, occupancy type or use is changed, the name of a business is changed, or ownership is changed. Ownership changes include selling the businesses to another sole proprietor, selling the business to another franchisee, or selling the business to another corporate entity, Certificates of Occupancy are not transferable from one person to another or from one entity to another. It is highly recommended that each applicant contact the Community Development Department to verify zoning prior to completing this application and the required attachments.

List of most frequently items observed by Inspectors is provided below for your information.

  • Suite number on front of suite and building address numbers posted on front of building facing the street in contrasting colors.
  • Address on electrical service meter.
  • Handicap accessible restrooms (grab bars & under sink protection, etc..)
  • Backflow protection (vacuum breakers on hose bibs, etc..)
  • Electrical cords not allowed through ceiling grid/tiles.
  • Exit lights must be operational.
  • Emergency backup lights must be working.
  • Thumb latch on locks or code compliant signage on exit doors (Panic hardware, lever hardware, no bar lock, etc..)
  • Post occupant load signs (assembly uses only).
  • Mechanical violations (unsafe conditions)
  • Electrical violations (unsafe conditions)
  • Plumbing violations (unsafe conditions)
  • Building violations (unsafe conditions)



Sign Permits

View the Sign Application (PDF). Applications can be submitted to Community Development Department .

Required Permits

Trade Permits

A permit is required for all plumbing (such as water/sewer lines, hot water heater, gas tests, etc.), electrical (service upgrade, etc.), mechanical systems (new or replacements). Applications can be submitted to Community Development Department.

A permit application must be filled out for all jobs to be done.

View the Residential Permit Application

View the Commercial Permit Application (PDF).

Annual Permits

A permit is required for all Annual Permits.
A permit application must be filled out for all new docks/pump withdrawals. Applications can be submitted to Community Development Department.

View the Dock Permit Application (PDF).

View the Alarm Permit Application (PDF).

View the Moss Lake Pump Withdrawal Permit Application (PDF).

Access information about Alcohol Permits.

Tent Permits

A permit is required for any tent 200 square feet or larger.
Applications can be submitted to Community Development Department.

View the Tent Permit Application (PDF).

Moss Lake Boat Permit

Boat Permits may be purchased at the locations listed below, the cost is $35 and is good from January through December.

  1. Public Works Department

104 W. Hird Street
Gainesville, TX 76240
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 PM


  1. The Bait Stop-N-Shop at Moss Lake

Located across the street from the South Boat Ramp
Monday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 am -7:00 pm

Building Inspections

The Community Development Department is responsible for the review, issuance and inspection of all development related permits that occur within the City. The permit holder is responsible for requesting inspections.

Inspections will be conducted within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after a request is received.

Inspections are required for all issued permits. Please call 940-668-4799 to schedule an inspection.

Building Codes

The City of Gainesville has adopted the following construction codes with amendments that provide minimum standards during the building process to help ensure public safety:

  • 2018 International Building Code
  •  2018 International Residential Building Code
  •  2018 International Plumbing Code
  •  2018 International Fuel Gas Code
  •  2018 International Mechanical Code
  •  2018 International Property Maintenance Code
  •  2018 International Energy Conservation Code
  •  2018 International Fire Code with appendices
  •  2017 National Electric Code NFPA 70

Additional Requirements

 The City of Gainesville also requires the following:

  1. Plumbing work is to be supervised by a Master Plumber registered with the State and the City of Gainesville.
  2. Electrical work is required to be supervised by a Master Electrician registered with the State and the City of Gainesville.
  3. Heating / Air Conditioning Contractors are required to be registered with the State and the City of Gainesville.
  4. No construction is allowed in a floodway. Any construction in a floodplain should adhere to federal, state, and local requirements. (View the City floodplain ordinances.)
  5. All projects involving Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) components must be registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and comply with state laws and regulations. The TDLR registration number must be submitted with the plans and before a building permit may be issued.
  6. Energy reports must be submitted for all new residential and commercial construction projects.

For additional information, please refer to the City of Gainesville's Code of Ordinances (City Code) or call 940-668-4799.

Inspection Information

Inspections are required for all issued permits. The permit holder is responsible for contacting the City to schedule an inspection. All work shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved by the inspector.

To schedule an inspection, contact the City of Gainesville Community Development Department at 940-668-4799. Inspections are set up with the City and then forwarded to the inspectors. (Do not contact an inspector to set up an inspection.)

When scheduling an inspection, please provide the address or permit number and type of inspection needed. Inspections must be requested by 4pm the day before the inspection is needed. Inspections requests received after 4pm will be processed the following day. The City does not schedule same-day inspections.

Inspections are conducted within 24-48 hours of a request (excluding holidays and weekends).

Applicants may not request inspections until work is ready to be inspected.


If an inspection fails, there will be fees assessed for a re-inspection. To view the current fees, please scroll down to our Quick Links at the bottom of the page to download our fee schedule.

All fees must be paid prior to any re-inspection.