Cemetery Deeds

To Purchase Cemetery Space(s)

Consult with the Cemetery Sexton to select cemetery space(s). The Cemetery Sexton will collect the fee for spaces purchased and forward the purchase information to the City Secretary for preparation of the deed. The City Secretary will issue and record the deed, and then mail the deed document to the purchaser.

  • Cemetery Sexton, Dusty Luton
    Fairview Cemetery
    710 Fair Ave.
    Gainesville, Tx 76240
    Ph: (940) 668-4532

To Transfer Ownership or Title of a Cemetery Deed

To transfer ownership of a cemetery deed, the original owner of the deed must execute by notarized signature a deed transfer with the City Secretary. You will need to bring the original deed or deed number and proof of ID to execute the transfer.

If transferring cemetery space(s) from a deed which describes multiple spaces, please contact the Cemetery Sexton to obtain the exact location description of the spaces to be transferred, so that the City Secretary can issue the transfer deed.

  • Name, address, and phone number of the new owner is required information
  • If the owner of the original deed is deceased, the person transferring the deed must provide proof of heirship
  • A recording fee will be charged for each change in title or ownership

The City Secretary issues and records the transfer deed then mails or delivers the new deed to the new owner.

  • City Secretary
    200 S. Rusk St.
    Gainesville, Tx 76240
    Ph: (940) 668-4500