Newly Adopted Ordinances

Ord. 1456-Rezoning 6.88 Acres South of FM 451 and West of Floral Drive (041619)

Ord. 1455-Rezoning 8.626 Acres on FM 451 (041619)

Ord. 1454-Short Term Rental at 1306 E California (041619)

Ord. 1453-EIFS and Masonry Amendments (031919)

Ord. 1452-Canceling May 4, 2019 General Election (030519)

Ord. 1451-Rezoning 1305 N Culberson (011519)

Ord. 1450-Rezoning PID 139055 (011519)

Ord. 1449-Moss Lake Dredging and Easement Construction (121818)

Ord. 1448-Moore Short Term Rental (121818)

Ord. 1447-Farmers Market Amendments (120418)

Ord. 1446-Amending Atmos Franchise (120418)

Ord. 1445-Juvenile Curfew Continuance (110618)

Ord. 1444-Alley Abandonment - Weaver and Santa Fe Streets (110618)

Ord. 1443-Design Standard Specifications (100218)

Ord. 1442-Residential Fencing Construction and Roofing Contractor Insurance Requiremetns (100218)

Ord. 1441-Fencing Allowed in All Zoning Districts (100218)

Ord. 1440-TMRS Contribution (091818) 

Ord. 1439-Tax Rate FY 2018-2019 (091818)

Ord. 1438-Budget FY 2018-2019 (091818)

Ord. 1437-Atmos Natural Gas Franchise (090418)

Ord. 1436-Oversize Vehicles (090418)

Ord. 1435-GAF Rezone to Industrial (082118)

Ord. 1434-Rezoning Parcel 15302 - Aspen Subdivision (071718)

Ord. 1433-Food Establishment Inspections (071718)

Ord. 1432-Liberty Way Street Name Change (071718)

Ord. 1431-Purchasing Policy Amendments (060518)

Ord. 1430-SUP for Brazos Substation Communication Tower (050118) (PDF)

Ord. 1429-Short Term Rentals (032018) (PDF)

Ord. 1428-Deleting Main Street from City Code (032018) (PDF)

Ord. 1427-Cancelling May 5, 2018 General and Special Election (032018) (PDF)

Ord. 1426-SUP at 5026 W Hwy 82 for Tattoo (030618) (PDF)

Ord. 1425-Atmos RRM (030618) (PDF)

Ord. 1424-Playground Definition in Registered Sex Offender Ordinance (022018) (PDF)

Ord. 1423-Reinvestment Zone 20 (020618) (PDF)

Ord. 1422-Bonds Series 2018 (File size is large and not available for online viewing.)

Full Code of Ordinances

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