2018 Employees of the Month

May 2018

Michael Mendoza, Crew Leader - Public Works, Water Distribution

In recognition and appreciation for continued dedication to the citizens of Gainesville.

On Monday, February 19, 2018, Michael was promoted to Crew Leader. Even though Michael has received on the job training, most of his training has been self-taught. The City of Gainesville has received several calls about how he is a nice, well-mannered employee and how he goes beyond his normal duties to help the citizens of the City of Gainesville. Michael is always willing to help where ever his is needed. His positive attitude and great work ethic is a huge asset to the City of Gainesville and a great example for all of our employees.

April 2018

Travis Achorn, Communications Operator - Police Department

In recognition and appreciation for continued dedication to the citizens of Gainesville. On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, a major ice storm hit the City of Gainesville. The Fire Department was dispatched to 72 various calls, ranging from vehicle accidents, EMS medical calls, and numerous down power lines. Throughout the entire duration of the storm, the City of Gainesville relied on Communications Operator Travis Achorn, who performed above and beyond his normal duties. Travis was the lead Communication Operator during the storm and handled the stressful and very busy situation in a professional and calm manner. He handled more calls during that shift than any other shift in his career. Travis has proven that he can handle a highly stressful situation and is a huge asset to the City of Gainesville.

Achorn, Travis 2.jpg

February 2018

Prough, Brandon.jpg

Brandon Prough, Fire Drive/Engineer - Gainesville Fire Department

In recognition and appreciation for continued dedication to the citizens of Gainesville.

Fire Driver Brandon Prough has been a major contributor to the Fire Department’s public education and fire prevention program throughout his time with the Gainesville Fire Department. He has been able to communicate and deliver our “Fire Safety Message” to Gainesville school children and does so in such an enthusiastic and entertaining way that the message is well received, understood and enjoyed by children of all ages.

Brandon has also reached out to schools in Cooke and Grayson counties to deliver the message of fire safety to those children on his own personal time.

In addition, Brandon has been heavily involved in our Firefighters As Role Models (F.A.R.M.) program, which has had a vital impact with the kids he has teamed with each year. He has been requested by the teaching staff to return each year to their individual classes.

Brandon’s strong desire to help and educate others is apparent and commendable and a true display of his commitment and dedication to his profession.

January 2018

Taylor Wallace, Administrative Assistant - Gainesville Civic Center

In recognition and appreciation for outstanding customer service. Taylor consistently provides outstanding customer service to all external and internal customers. Recently, Taylor went above and beyond and assisted the Human Resources Department in the planning and set up for two big events. She accommodated special requests and corresponded and met with the caterer and others who needed access to the City facilities to assist HR. in setting up the event. Her assistance ensured that the events were planned and organized well to be successful. Taylor's excellent customer service is a great example of the customer-focused workplace the City of Gainesville strives to be.