Jamie Dill - profile picture

Name:  Jamie Davis

Year Joined FBZS:  I joined the FBZB in 2011.

Current City:  I’m from and live right here in Gainesville.

Work:  I work at Kinne’s Jewelers.

Other Affiliations:  I am a member of St. Mary’s parish.

Family/Marriage/Kids/Grandkids:  My husband Jack and I have two beautiful daughters, Josephine and Jules.

Why did you join FBZS?:  I joined the FBZB because I believe in helping out in your community as much as you can and I love animals.

What is your favorite FBZS Event?:  My favorite FBZB event would have to be Zoolala.  I look forward to it every summer and have been lucky enough to get to illustrate the past 6 Zoolala invitations.

What is your favorite thing about the Frank Buck Zoo?:  My favorite part about the FBZ are the lemurs and the goats... such personality! We are so blessed to have this treasure of a zoo right here in Gainesville!