Kaye King

Name: Kaye Briscoe King

Year Joined FBZS: ?

Current City: Gainesville

Hometown: Gainesville, Texas

Work: Psychotherapist. Spiritual Director, Author, Bereavement Counseling

Other Affiliations: Mental Health associations, First Christian Church, NCTC

 Family/Marriage/Kids/Grandkids: The Richards Family first came to Cooke County in 1830 in a covered wagon.  The Briscoe Clan were not far behind.  Both of these families split their locations between Cooke county and the Valley near the now Texas Border with Mexico. I married Kenneth Lloyd King of Gainesville Texas.  We met in childhood and even dated in college. Between us we had 5 children.  All of whom are in Texas.  I was widowed in 2007.  I live with my dog and I have 7 grandchildren.

Why did you join FBZS?: I have been affiliated with the zoo since childhood and feel that it provides a vital learning experience for everyone.

What is your favorite FBZS Event? Zoobilee is great fun and everyone gains so much from the event.  Those who come to the event, those who teamwork together to bring the event together and the surrounding communities and the animals.