Can I take a tour of Gainesville Fire-Rescue?
Gainesville Fire-Rescue is proud to offer tours for schools, churches, home study groups, boys and girls clubs, civic clubs, or any other interested groups or individuals. Station tours consist of a detailed look into a Firefighter’s work day, a tour of the living quarters of the fire station, description of the job that Firefighters perform, an up-close look at the fire engines and equipment that Firefighters use every day. The primary purpose of the station tour is to educate the community about fire prevention using a variety of age appropriate techniques.

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1. Does Gainesville Fire-Rescue provide Home Fire Inspections?
2. How is the City notified of changing weather conditions?
3. How do I get to Gainesville Fire-Rescue?
4. Which current fire code is used by the City of Gainesvile?
5. What is the Fire Department's permit process?
6. Can I take a tour of Gainesville Fire-Rescue?
7. How can I schedule a tour or event with the Fire Department?
8. Why does a fire truck go to medical calls with the ambulance?
9. Can I burn trash or tree limbs on my property?
10. What do Firefighters do with their time when they are not fighting a fire?
11. Do Firefighters get to sleep at the station?
12. Are business owners required to have a fire inspection?
13. What are typical hazards and violations looked for during a fire inspection?
14. What type of early warning system does the City of Gainesville have for severe weather?
15. How can I make a request for a copy of a fire report?
16. How do I obtain or verify a 9-1-1 Address in the City of Gainesville?
17. How do I apply for the Citizen's Fire Academy?