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Application for Smoke Alarm(s)/Batteries

  1. Please provide your physical address.
  2. Applicant must reside in Gainesville city limits.
  3. Applicable Requirements*
    Applicant must meet one of the following requirements to receive a smoke alarm(s)/batteries. Please select all that apply.
  4. Hold Harmless Clause
    The applicant hereby releases Gainesville Fire-Rescue and the City of Gainesville of any and all liability pertaining to the performance of the smoke alarm in the event the smoke alarm fails to perform property during a fire or any other conditions the smoke alarm was designed to operate in. The applicant also agrees to release Gainesville Fire-Rescue and City of Gainesville of any liability pertaining to damage that may result during the installation of the smoke alarm. The applicant will also allow Gainesville Fire-Rescue to install the smoke alarm and to inspect and perform and necessary maintenance at no charge to the applicant.
  5. Agreement to Hold Harmless Clause*
    By checking this box, you agree to the above stated hold harmless clause.
  6. Upon receipt of the application, Gainesville Fire-Rescue will contact you to schedule an in-home smoke alarm consultation.
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