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Water & Sewer Rates

Water Rates
(Residential, Multifamily and Commercial)


Effective Rate 10/01/2017

¾ inch or smaller meter


1 inch meter


1.5 inch meter


2 inch meter


3 inch meter


4 inch meter


6 inch meter


8 inch meter


Volume Charge per 1,000 gallons (Residential)


Account Initiation Fee (Residential)


Transfer Fees


Meter Test Fee


Reconnect Fee for


Residential Deposit
(No Texas Identification)


Commercial and Multifamily Accounts

Volume Charge per 1,000 gallons


Door Charge


Account Initiation Fee


¾ inch Meter Deposit


1 inch Meter Deposit


1.5 inch Meter Deposit


2 inch Meter Deposit


3 inch Meter Deposit


4 inch Meter Deposit


6 inch Meter Deposit


8 inch Meter Deposit


10 inch Meter Deposit


Residential, Commercial, and Multifamily Accounts

Single Purchase of Water Minimum Charge


Single Purchase of Water Price per 1,000 gallons


Monthly Fire Hydrant Meter Fee


1 inch Water Tap Fee


1.5 inch Water Tap Fee


2 inch Water Tap Fee


Over 2 inch Water Tap Fee

  As determined by City

Fire lane taps without meters

  As determined by City


Meter tampering fee

As determined by City

Overtime Fee (after normal on-premises hours)

As determined by City based on actual cost
(2 hour minimum)

All Commercial accounts are
subject to a deposit
Amount of deposit will be based upon service required for all city utilities.

**Non-resident customers will pay 150% of charge
 for resident/commercial customers**

Storm Water


Effective Rate 10/01/2017

Residential Customers
$3.68 / month
Commercial Customers
(Square footage of Impervious area divided by 1,895 sq. ft. times $3.50)
$3.68 per 1,895 sq. ft / month
($3.68 minimum)
Storm Water Drainage
Manual Deposit

Sewer Rates


Effective Rate 10/01/2017

Minimum Charge


Volume Charge per 1,000 gallons


Minimum Charge


Volume Charge per 1,000 gallons


4 inch Sewer Tap Fee


6 inch Sewer Tap Fee


8 inch Sewer Tap Fee


In excess of 8 inch Sewer Tap Fee

As determined by City

Sewer Tapping Saddle Fee

As determined by City

Street Cut Fee

As determined by City

Residential and multi-family volume charge is based on the amount of water used monthly or the 3 winter months average (December, January, and February), whichever is less.

New residential and multifamily users without 3 months winter average shall use 5,000 gallons water use average for the first year as a customer until 3 months winter average can be calculated.

Commercial and industrial users sewer charge shall be based upon actual water usage.