Public Works

About Us

The Public Works Department is under the supervision and direction of Allen McDonald. He is responsible for the overall management of the department, coordination with other agencies and with other city departments, and provides highly responsible administrative support to the City Manager.

Our goal is to ensure the highest quality infrastructure, and place public welfare above all other considerations, while providing high performance and the most efficient and responsive service possible for the City's residents and community as a whole.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Public Works Director or a member of his staff.

Contact Information

Allen McDonald - Public Works Director
(940) 668-4540
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Dolores Hennesy - Administrative Assistant/Office Supervisor
(940) 668-4540
Email Dolores Hennesy

Ester Solis - Secretary
(940) 668-4540
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Tony Smith -  Utilities Project Inspector
(940) 668-4540
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Streets and Storm Water Drainage - 104 W. Hird Street

Craig Evins - Supervisor
(940) 668-4540
Email Craig Evins

Water Distribution & Wastewater Collections - 104 W. Hird Street

Matt Poursoltani - Utilities Supervisor
(940) 668-4540
Email Matt Poursoltani

Wastewater Treatment Plant - 1801 S. Weaver Street

Eric Hook - Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor
(940) 668-4543
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Water Treatment Plant & Water Production - 209 N. Lake Lane

Billy Burgan - Water Production Supervisor
(940) 668-4577
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