Welcome to the City of Gainesville’s Community Development Department

This section is intended to provide you with general references, answers to common questions, and frequently used forms. 

The Community Development Department is under the supervision and direction of the Community Development Director. The Department is responsible for overseeing all new residential and commercial construction and remodels and for enforcing all ordinances related to Code Compliance including substandard structures and the Voluntary Demolition Program.

The Community Development Department is comprised of four (4) basic divisions:

  • Planning & Zoning Division is primarily responsible for administering all land use related ordinances and statutes in adherence to the policies established by the City Council while employing such managerial techniques needed to assure efficient utilization of the City's resources.
  • Building Permits and Inspections Division strives to uphold current regulations that ensure safety and appropriate accessibility to all buildings in Gainesville. The division provides an effective program for timely reviewing, inspecting and permitting of construction, renovation and occupancy of all buildings and their appurtenances. Fair and impartial treatment is given to all citizens, builders, contractors and developers.
  • Code Compliance Division protects property values and improves the health, safety, and welfare of citizens by obtaining compliance with nuisance, building, zoning, land development, environmental, and other codes and ordinances through effective, expeditious, and equitable enforcement of the codes.
  • Food Inspections is committed to protecting people by preventing foodborne illnesses through the education of food establishment operators, staff, and the public on safe food handling practices. Additionally, we ensure that food items prepared and served by food service establishments within the City of Gainesville adhere to stringent standards, maintaining their safety and proper handling under sanitary conditions. 

Mission Statement

Our department's mission statement is to serve the community by providing accessible, professional services to build a safe, strong, and sustainable community that enhances the lives of our residents and promotes vibrant economic growth.