Billing Cycles

The City is divided into 4 geographic cycles for meter reading and billing purposes. Each billing cycle has its own reading dates for meters and billings. Your reading period is usually the week prior to the actual billing. Your water meter is read approximately the same time every month or at least within five days. These cycles enable us to evenly distribute the workload throughout the month to ensure proper and timely billings of accounts. We cannot change due dates due to a customer's request. These dates are decided by the cycle in which you are billed.

Billing Schedule

Approximate Billing Date Approximate Due Date
Cycle 1
Routes 01-10
7th of the month 25th of the month
Cycle 2
Routes 11-20
14 of the month 3rd of following month
Cycle 3
Routes 21-29
21st of the month 10th of following month
Cycle 4
Routes 30-40
28th of the month
17th of following month

How Water Meters Are Read

Two full-time meter readers read the water meters every month. The meter readers must have access to the water meter box. If something is blocking access to the water meter box, repeat visits are made to obtain a meter reading or the customer may be contacted prior to billing. If we cannot make contact with the customer, an average reading may have to be used.

Meters are normally read between the hours of 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday. They normally do their work orders between 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM The meter readers are identified with a shirt containing the City logo on it and both drive small white City trucks.

Late Charges

Payment for the charges on your water bill is due upon receipt, but you are given at least 20 days after the billing date. The due date is identified on your bill as well as the total amount due before the due date and the total amount due after penalty is applied.

After the due date, a 10% penalty (on any remaining balance on the account) is added to your bill. A delinquent notice will be mailed out the next business day after the due date with the 10% penalty applied. You have seven days from the date of the delinquent notice to pay the total amount due or service will be disconnected for nonpayment.