Making a Payment

When making payments by mail or using the City’s night drop, it is strongly recommended that customers use a check or money order. DO NOT PLACE CASH IN THE NIGHT DROP. Making payments by mail is most convenient when the customer uses the envelope included with their utility statement. Payments by mail should be addressed to:

City of Gainesville
P. O. Box 1399
Gainesville, TX 76241

For questions, please call (940) 668-4500.


The drive-through is located at 200 S. Rusk on the east side of City Hall (back of the building). Using the drive-through, customers can pay with check or cash, and, currently, we are also accepting payments by credit or debit card as well. There is a pneumatic tube that sends customer payments (exactly the same as a bank) to the Customer Service representatives in the lobby at City Hall. The drive-through is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Night Drop

A large green night drop box is located just past the pneumatic tube on the City’s drive-through lane. Payments can be dropped into this box at any time, day or night; however, please note that the City ordinarily only collects payments from the drop box once per day. As a result, the night drop is not recommended for payments if a customer must receive same-day credit for their payment in order not to be charged penalties and/or late fees.

Automatic Bank Draft

For payment convenience, the amounts due on utility bills can also be drafted automatically from customers’ bank accounts. In order to take advantage of this payment option, please complete the appropriate City of Gainesville Automatic Bank Draft Authorization Agreement form and mail it, put it in the night drop, or bring it by the drive through along with a voided check from the respective bank account to be used for payments.

Online Bill Pay

Online bill pay is a service that is offered through most banks and is generally free to customers. You can set up your payment for your utility account and schedule the payment when it should be made on your bank’s website. Please contact your bank for more information about this service.

Credit Card

Credit card payments may be made online, in person, and using the City’s drive-through. You will need to provide your state issued ID card when using a credit card for payment. The following credit/debit cards are accepted Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. If you wish to make a payment online, click the icon below or HERE. Please note that you will need your account number and customer number. This information is located on your billing statement. Please also note there is a 3.5% electronic payment fee applied to all credit card payments processed. 

Online Payments